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<Mis à jour> 10/08/07 - The script is now compatible with compiz-fusion. It even makes it possible to install it on your Fedora 7: just run installXGL_EN -cb
<Mis à jour> 22/06/07 - The script is now compatible with Fedora 6, Fedora 7 and 64-bits architecture.

Update - the ATI drivers finally support AIGLX since the version 8.42. Installing XGL is not needed anymore to benefit from the effects of a 3D desktop.

Here is a script that installs and configures XGL on Fedora. It is particularly useful if you have an ATI video card with the fglrx drivers installed and you want to benefit from the 3D desktop (beryl or compiz). Indeed,
  • the free driver radeon, though it allows the 3D desktop thanks to AIGLX, has poorer performances compared with the proprietary one,
  • the proprietary driver fglrx will allow you to benefit from all the power of your video card, but is incompatible with AIGLX (no 3D desktop !)
It is however possible to benefit from both the performances of the proprietary driver and the 3D desktop thanks to XGL.

The solution proposed here applies for GNOME, KDE and XFCE.
It will install XGL and give you the possibily to install compiz and beryl from the official repositories using yum. And henceforth the installation of compiz-fusion is also proposed.

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